McD gives more to wake up to

Malaysia - McDonald's Malaysia has brought back its National Breakfast Day campaign this year, with the more than just a nationwide campaign.

On the morning of 18 March, customers across Asia, the Middle East and South Africa will be treated to a free Egg McMuffin, with 1,000 to be given from each outlet.

With almost 5,000 participating restaurants in total, five million McDonald's customers will be part of McDonald's first and biggest regional breakfast giveaway.

The initiative in Malaysia alone saw an investment of RM3 million, including advertising and promotions, which will be executed via TVCs, print ads and social media outlets Facebook and YouTube.

Sarah Casanova, managing director of McDonald's Malaysia and regional manager of McDonald's Malaysia and Singapore, said that the initiative was one that was conceptualised and executed first in Malaysia, now being adopted by other countries.

Casanova adds that the reason behind the initiative was insight that showed Malaysians often skipped breakfasts, thus it wanted to fill that need.

The move was also done to increase sales of the breakfast menu items, which she said has doubled in the last three years.

"We want to demonstrate to our busy customers in a truly tangible way that we are an affordable and convenient was to start the morning," she added.

On why that particular menu item was chosen, Casanova said that it is the one item that is a signature product in all the participating countries.

The National Breakfast Day will have 222 restaurants participate in Malaysia.

While the initiative could translate into an annual one, Casanova said that by 2020, it hopes to increase the number of McDonald's Malaysia outlets to 500.