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McCafé celebrates 15 years with togetherness

To mark its 15th anniversary in Hong Kong, McCafé is putting togetherness and unity in the spotlight.

Created by its longtime creative partner DDB Hong Kong, the campaign highlights the idea of more than just coffee.

Since the first branch opened in Hong Kong in 1999, McCafé has been positioning as a more high-end yet affordable café with a clear aim – to create complementary synergy to cater to diversify sources of customers, as Yvonne Tang, marketing director at McDonald’s Hong Kong told Marketing.

“McCafé and McDonald’s cater and respond to the different needs of customers,” said Tang.

“Taking a family as an example, the parents can enjoy their cups of freshly brewed coffee at McCafé, while treating their kids with Babyccino at McCafé and Happy Meal at McDonald’s.”

With a splitting advertising tone and manner, general perception has it that McDonald’s and McCafé each carries their own characteristics. But Tang disagrees.

“In fact, McDonald’s and McCafé share the truly unique DNA and same value to place customers’ experience at the core and have been part of Hong Kong people’s everyday life,” she said.

“To leverage the symbiosis of McDonald’s and McCafé, we developed a differentiating campaign proposition to strengthen our emotional connection with our consumers with a theme ‘We Brew Coffee, We Serve Togetherness’.”

“We believe coffee breaks bonds well beyond the coffee house, and we celebrate how it brings people together across all walks of life,” she added.

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