Mazda Singapore's website gets hacked

Mazda Singapore’s website, under the Eurokars Group, was hacked yesterday morning around 9 am by Turkish-based group Ayyildiz Ti. The Mazda website was taken over by the hacker’s logo and message on the site.

In a conversation with Marketing, a spokesperson from Eurokars Group said that so far there are no signs of customer data being compromised and that is the brands main concern at this point. Customer data on the site is accumulated through various means such as booking Mazda test drives by providing information such as their names, addresses, mobile numbers and email addresses.

He explained while some customers have expressed concerns regarding the hack, this was largely because of the newspaper reports. He added that when contacted, the customer service teams from Mazda have been actively assuring customers of their data not being breached.

When asked if online security measures have been strengthened, the spokesperson said there are currently necessary measures put in place. He also added that police investigations are underway.

In today's digital world, hacking is no new phenomenon. Over the recent years, several high profile brands such as Burger King, Apple, Twitter and many others being hacked.

In an earlier article on the issue of hacking, CEO of Reading Room, Margaret Manning said that no brand, however high the profile, is completely safe from the multifarious threats out there – technological, viral, physical, human.

"It is always difficult to protect against the human piece, because it’s almost impossible to predict. That’s why it is even more imperative for brands and organisations to get the basics right, and prioritise the security of their site. The alternative could be a very expensive repair bill," said Manning.

Meanwhile, Ryan Lim, founder of QED Consulting also told Marketing in an earlier interview that marketers must learn to defend their brands’ key digital communication assets. While digital marketers are not the ones who directly implement security measures, they still need to be aware of the potential threats and impact to their business when engaging in digital marketing activities.

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