Maybelline deletes tweet polling followers if it should stay on Snapchat

Maybelline has deleted a tweet on its Twitter page which saw it asking its followers whether or not it should continue its presence on Snapchat. According to the now deleted screenshots seen by Marketing, the beauty brand admitted that views on its Snapchat have “dropped dramatically”.

It added that it was unsure whether or not it should continue on the platform. This was followed by a poll on whether or not it should stay or should it go. According to netizen screenshots, the poll garnered over 4,000 responses, with 81% of participants voting “No, I like [Instagram] Stories”.

Reactions to the move online were swift, with screenshots of the poll emerging from users which also made references to the recent redesign that put off many users. Jokes were also made with Maybelline’s “Maybe it’s Maybelline” tagline.

The move follows that of renowned reality TV star Kylie Jenner who posted on her Twitter asking her followers if anyone was still using the platform. According to Bloomberg, what ensued was a 6.1% drop in shares for Snap, wiping out US$1.3 billion in market value. 

Marketing has reached out to Maybelline and Snap for comment.

Most recently, Snapchat finally responded to user outcry over its redesign, which copped backlash from its users following a major overhaul to its user interface. Plans for the new layout first emerged last year, with the intention to separate the social from the media. It also follows one year after the launch of Instagram Stories and slowing Snapchat user growth.

Snapchat has also recently introduced new analytics for Snapchat creators globally to help creators build their presence on Snapchat’s Discover page. The analytics extends to its creators who are on its Official Stories function, along with additional creators who have cultivated a large audience on Snapchat.