Maybank2u boosts digital offering with revamped website

Maybank has launched a re-imagined website for Maybank2u, which is expected to drive growth for its online banking transactions this year, increasing the number to 6.4 billion.

The newly-designed website will progressively roll out to the bank's key markets such as Singapore, Indonesia and the Philippines. Work is also underway for the new Maybank app, as part of the group's mobile-first strategy.

According to group chief strategy officer Michael Foong, the new website is part of the group's ongoing efforts to strengthen its digital banking offering, in line with its strategic objective of becoming the digital bank of choice in the Southeast Asia region by 2020. Insights were drawn from consumer feedback, resulting in a simplified website to offer an enhanced and personalised experience when transacting. Foong said that the site underwent several weeks of pilot to ensure consumers' needs were met when they used it to make transactions.

Group CTO Mohd Suhail Amar Suresh said that in-house resources were mainly used to develop the new website, which has also been optimised across various browsers and is mobile responsive. It also incorporates enhanced security features to boost customer confidence.

The classic site continues to be available "for the next few months" during a progressive roll out of the new website, Mohd Suhail Amar Suresh, to ease consumers into the new journey. Among the list of new features include the personalised security image, which offers an enhanced level of security as consumers can choose to use their own pictures for the security image to be displayed before logging in. A 360° Dashboard also offers consumers a holistic view of their accounts and investments.

Group head, community financial services, Datuk Lim Hong Tat said the bank recorded a 49% increase bank transactions last year, due to the advent of mobile banking and the increase use of smartphones, as well as growing internet penetration. He added that the total number of online banking transactions via Maybank2u last year amount to 360 million.

“In 2017, some 99.6% of our total consumer banking  payments and transfers was conducted over our online and self-service platforms. The trend will continue given the quantum leap in online banking users and the added functionalities that have simplified banking even more in the new Maybank2u website," he added.