What Maybank is doing with this contraption [GALLERY]

Maybank has taken a regional focus in its communications for its Global Banking and launched its latest campaign, featuring a kinetic rolling-ball sculpture (or Rube-Goldberg Machine).

The intricate, precise and complex movements within the machine, much like a Swiss timepiece, is used to reflect the vibrant, dynamic movement of business across Asia today, and how Maybank Global Banking supports, connects, facilitates and helps to grow customer's businesses across the region.

The machine, which involves a network of tracks, a spiral lifter and a base unit approximately 2.4m x 1.2m in size, was constructed in Jakarta and took two months to create, from conceptualisation to actual build-up.

The campaign, comprising print ads and a tvc, features the visual imagery of the machine, as a way to symbolise Maybank's successful partnerships with Asian industries and it s leading technological tools to facilitate trade in Asean and Greater China.

The campaign was conceptualised by Alex and Shon from Refuel and the media/digital strategy was mapped by Zenith.

Running from March to October, the ads run on both local and regional platforms, targeting business decision makers, corporate stakeholders and the affluent market on channels such as Bloomberg, CNBC and National Geographic.

Maybank tells A+M that the machine has since been brought to Malaysia and plans are underway to install the machine at Menara Maybank, Kuala Lumpur, at the concourse area sometime next month.

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