Maxus launches marketing command centre MESH

Maxus has launched a marketing command centre called “MESH” in partnership with Vocanic.

Maxus MESH is a dialogue engine which runs on the VSocial platform that reads environmental signals in real-time. MESH help clients solve key business challenges around the five areas below:

360 degree brand health tracking: Through MESH, real-time conversations about a brand and how it compares with its competitors.

Content and asset marketing command centre: By having access to streams of real-time data while at the same time understanding how its owned platforms are performing , Maxus will be in a strong position to develop relevant content based on real-time trends happening in the market.

Proactive marketing based on real-time trends and conditions: Through its access to numerous data sources n a “live” way the agency can intercept what trends are happening around its brands to create innovative ideas and campaigns that support its clients mission.

Campaign planning and tracking across channels: MESH provides a platform to track all live client campaigns across markets, channels and objectives. It can measure and track campaign projections versus actual results.

Crisis management discovery, planning and execution: Through MESH, it will be able to pick up on a crisis, alert our clients and take action, whether it’s in developing real-time content, adjusting its media spend and allocation or other actions.

Once integrated with its clients data and CRM systems, MESH can also provide advanced audience segmentation abilities enabling clients to create custom audiences, build look-a-like models and effectively manage a their CRM and loyalty program.Through an analytics engine, MESH can provide analytics and effectiveness recommendations based on what is happening with the data across its paid, owned and earned channels.

MESH is integrated because the planning teams leverage the data and insights from the platform to inform communications strategies that drive innovation and business results for its clients.

From a technology and structural perspective MESH integrates numerous client, audience and campaign data into a central repository where it then visualise this data to extra informative insights which finally integrates back into our creative and media planning systems.

The process of “integration” can be seen throughout the entire process of what we are trying to do with MESH. Internally, MESH benefits Maxus by:

  1. Enabling its teams to be more efficient and productive through the use of always on data across all its clients
  2. Putting data at the center of its business to take its clients in new, interesting and innovative brand directions
  3. Driving a culture of information and analytics where  all teams in all offices are used to the language of data

Ajit Varghese CEO Maxus Asia Pacifc said, “Maxus MESH is an initiative which underlines our belief of making Social central to our business as we lean into this changing environment.”

He added, “This will not only help Maxus represent the consumer voice to marketers better, but also develop communication plans with richer insights, meaningful content and lead it into more conversations and conversions.”

Martin Shaw, Maxus APAC digital head said, “Maxus has collaborated with Vocanic, GroupM’s in-house social media agency to build 9 robust MESH installations in our Philippines, India, Australia, Vietnam and Hong Kong offices. In each office we will have 10 large HD screens powering numerous data sources ranging from brand social buzz, competitor tracking, social influencers, contextual, to owned and paid.”

Andy Radovic, Maxus regional digital director, Products and Services, said, “With the support of Vocanic, our teams will be trained up and will be able to fully operate MESH on behalf of all our clients. We will also be leveraging Vocanic’s proprietary technology VSocial to “power” all our social campaigns, community management and social CRM initiatives. The use of VSocial will make MESH more usable across our network.”