Maxis undergoes major brand transition

Maxis is undergoing a brand transition for its Maxis and Hotlink brands, both internally and externally.

Externally, this means a new tagline and campaign for both brands. Its new tagline is “It’s Not Ok to be Ok”. According to Maxis, this will be the new attitude driving standards of delivery and way of working, both internally and externally.

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“‘“It’s Not Ok to be Ok” is not a slogan but an attitude. It is a mindset that shall permeate everything we do that affects customers, both the big decisions and also the smallest details,” said Morten Lundal, chief executive officer of Maxis.

“This is still just the beginning of our journey. We are diligently going through the list of things to improve, which involves an end-to-end review of all processes, policies, products, customer touchpoints, communication and insights, so we can provide what we and our customers define as a truly ‘great experience’,” he said.

This is part of a bigger transformation for the business, though the company declined to comment further.

Maxis’ logo, unchanged since it was first introduced 19 years ago, has had its colors refreshed.

This accompanies changes the company is planning to make to its culture as well, which the company is calling “The Maxis Way”.

This will be a cultural change to develop “highly capable and engaged people” in the company, said Lundal.