Maxis creates a team of "Maxperts" to improve customer service

Maxis has launched the new MaxisONE Home, a home fibre broadband service. The service comes with a team of Internet experts, named 'Maxperts', that offers "on time, every time" appointments and a 30-day satisfaction guaranteed promise.

The Maxperts are a team of Internet experts for non-corporate customers in Malaysian, committed to make sure consumers' home broadbands are installed right and optimised throughout their homes.

"This service comes in handy when there are over 20 million Internet users in Malaysia, with multiple devices being found in each household. The premium experience for Maxis consumers exhibits the company's commitment to not just provide a great fibre plan, but also with better service to complement the product, through the Maxperts team," stated the company in a release.

The Maxperts' list of responsibilities include the following:

  1. Scan your home to detect possible signal interferences and understand your family's Internet device needs
  2. Optimise your wifi signal by recommending the best router placement and solutions to increase signal strength and coverage throughout the house
  3. Solve your Internet needs with necessary cabling and installations

Tai Kam Leong, Maxis' head of integrated services said, "When we scanned blogs, forums and social feedback, we found the same recurring frustrations. Six in 10 problems faced by home broadband users are to do with not getting wifi around the home. Our goal is to build a broadband service that works perfectly by introducing MaxisONE Home, to get a customer's broadband expreience right, starting from installation itself."