Maxis involuntarily entangled in social media gaffe over alleged tweet by employee

The last 24 hours saw Maxis being roped in on a social media drama that has gotten the interest of Malaysian netizens. According to a screenshot circulating online, a tweet posted on Maxis Listens, the telco’s customer service account, said that presumably an employee named Larni is “tired with the incapable manager – Alvin” and is “ready to be fired soon”. The tweet also urged followers to take a screenshot of the tweet, and reshare it, in case it gets deleted. The individual behind the tweet allegedly identified herself as Larni Bharatan, Maxis social media team lead.

A quick check by A+M found that the original tweet has been deleted but Bharatan has put up her own tweet, clarifying that the tweet about her and her manager Alvin is false and that both of them “have a great working relationship”. She added that Maxis is currently investigating the matter.

Maxis declined to comment further when approached by A+M.

Netizens, however, remained sceptical with many asking for proof that Larni is safe. While some netizens urged Maxis to address employee well-being, others jokingly commented that the latest tweet was by Larni from another department. The internet also had a field day creating hashtags for this incident such as #prayforlarni, #justiceforlarni, #bringlarniback and #solidarityforlarni.

Here are some hilarious netizen reactions:

More and more, employee conduct on social is seen as an extension of a brand’s image and thus, is important for companies to always remain vigilant on what is being posted on their social media platforms.

Last year, Pizza Hut Malaysia parted ways with its social media agency after its Twitter account was seen involved in a a conversation discussing the aurat of a transgender woman. According to Pizza Hut, an employee from the agency accidentally tweeted a personal tweet on the brand’s official Twitter account. The employee had later realised her error and deleted the post, but not before it was picked up by netizens. The company later released a three-part statement apologising for the tweets explaining that the tweet was made erroneously by its social media agency.

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