Maxim's taps into WeChat for mooncake launch

Maxim's, one of the biggest mooncake retailers in Hong Kong, has tapped into WeChat moments ads to sell its mooncake products for the first time, and the result has been promising.

Two hours after Maxim’s WeChat moments ad launch, over 7,000 boxes of Maxim’s mooncakes were sold, with an average sale of 3,500 boxes per hour versus 1,333 boxes before the launch of WeChat moments ads.

The ad also achieved an 8% click-through rate (CTR) with 91% click-to-sale conversion rate, reaching a record-breaking business performance of 100x ROI.

WeChat told Marketing that Maxim's winning formula includes the time which the promotion was rolled out, as well as the convenient buying and sharing experience it provided.

The campaign aims to strengthen awareness of the mooncake products, and further converse users to actual sales on WeChat Pay.

The promotion on the platform was rolled out before the official mooncake launch of Maxim's. The early-bird discount generated buzz on the platform.

Customers were then encouraged to click on the link on the WeChat moments ads, in which they would be able to buy the mooncake through wallet purchase, or send mooncake e-coupons to friends and families.

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"As a pioneer advertiser of WeChat moments ads in Hong Kong, we find this new digital advertising channel effective at building awareness of our mooncake products, successfully conversing users to actual sales on WeChat Pay and bridging the gap from ad awareness to business results,” said Raymond Tong, chief operating officer (headquarters and branded products) of Hong Kong Maxim's Group.

"Mobile social communication apps have become integral to our daily lives and we've seen enormous growth in WeChat's user base in Hong Kong," added Poshu Yeung, vice president of Tencent International Business Group. "With our social ads’ sophisticated targeting capabilities to reach consumers, we are proud to support Maxim's in rolling out its moments Ads campaign, helping to drive both awareness and business results of its signature products through WeChat moments."