Maxim's revises mooncake strategy with new branding

Although there's still two months to go before the Mid-Autumn Festival, some of the city's biggest mooncake sellers have jumped early to capitalise on the profitable mooncake season.

This year, Maxim's has gone all out to try something new.

To celebrate the lunar holiday, Maxim's has teamed up with creative partner Turn Creative for an ad push in Greater China to promote their Mid-Autumn delicacies, with a new approach moving away from product-driven to branding.

For the first time, the ad combines three of Maxim's mooncake categories - traditional, snow skin and custard - in an all-round ad push spanning television, online, social media, outdoor and print.

Dubbed "The Taste of Moon Festival", the 60 seconds TV commercial aims to explore the true meaning of the lunar festival – family reunion - via a simple story of a family outing, featuring Kelly Chen (陳慧琳) and Julian Cheung Chi-lam (張智霖), Maxim's mooncake ambassadors for nine and four years respectively.

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"We've been the market leader in the mooncake category for 17 years and we've been advertising our mooncake products separately; This time, we shift the focus on the Maxim's brand instead of the products, combining a range of our mooncake treats in one single ad in order to further strengthen Maxim's as a brand that represents the mooncake market," Eve Leung, senior marketing manager at Maxim’s, told Marketing.

"The use of ambassadors is also a breakthrough. We used to feature Kelly and Chi-lam in two ads to promote two mooncake categories; this campaign is the first time the two celebs appear in the same spot, creating greater synergy between the celebrities, the brand and the products."

The revised approach for mooncake promotion adds to the evidence that this festive delicacy is a large source of revenue to Maxim's. The company has 40% market share in the mooncake market in Hong Kong.

To get the best harvest from this big business, the ad is all-rounded. Apart from the TV spot, the company has extended the festive experience to online with a series of viral videos featuring interviews and making-of with the two ambassadors, even a music video.

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On the social media front, Maxim's has worked with Turn Plus for a virtual magazine, delivering Mid-Autumn information to audience with content ranging from the best full moon times to locations for celebrations. A set of eight editions will be publish weekly on social media.

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The campaign runs until the end of September.

Creative: Turn Creative / Turn Plus
ECD: Tony Hon
Art director: Kaki Lo, Waiwai Chan, James Chu
Writer: Jonathan Mak
Agency producer: Lulu Wong
Director: James Leung
Producer: Dicky Wu
Photographer: Kaon
Social media team: Rudi Leung, David Lo, Maxwell Ip, Dino Man, Dick Wai Lai, Charlene Lui
Media: Maxus Hong Kong