Maxim's MX 'knights' its silky chicken dish

Maxim's MX, a Hong Kong chained fast food restaurant, has just knighted its boneless Hainan chicken rice dish and  dubbed it the "Maxim's MX Sir Chicken (美心MX SIR滑雞)", all in an attempt to revamp the traditional dish with a younger image.

Playing with the homophonous word "瀡 (sir)", which is a title before the forename of a knight or baronet in English, but also acts as a verb describing sliding actions in Cantonese pronunciation, the new name is here to emphasise the chicken's silky and tender texture - it is so silky that it would slide down a playground slide, so good it deserves to be "honoured" - as said in the brand's latest campaign.

"The challenge is to differentiate MX's Hainan chicken rice with that of the other restaurants," explained Stephen Chung, creative partner at Secret Tour Hong Kong, the creative agency in charge. "That is why we use a new catchy name that brings in a new image associated with quality."

The brand launched a viral online video to record a piece of chicken sliding on a playground slide, and engages the audience by asking them to guess the duration of Sir Chicken’s ride on the slide. The fastest 10 participants with the correct answer will be rewarded a month of free Maxim's MX's Hainan Chicken Rice. The voice-over is done by Hong Kong influencer Uncle Siu's British English Club, for his authentic British accent matches the new, decent and classy image of the dish.

The video has generated more than 157k views, 1.7 shares and 2k comments since last Thursday.

A wide range of media platforms, such as outdoor billboard, newspaper and magazine print ad, in-store poster and stickers, as well as badges on MX's staff uniform, have also been covered throughout the campaign. Synergy between all the publications are attained with the playground slide metaphor for the chicken's tenderness.

Credit List

Client: Maxim MX
Agency: Secret Tour Hong Kong
Creative Director: Jennifer Yip, Stephen Chung
Account Director: Sammi Chan
Senior Art Director: Susan Chan
Account Executive: Wengi Wong
Art Director: Monn Mak
Copywriter: Sze Ling Ling, Fizen Yuen, Eryn Chan
Video Director: Dave Cheung
Photographer: Dick Chan
Retoucher: Dickmond Ho