Maxim MX launches 'Dear Cutlet' campaign to promote Japanese pork cutlet

Maxim MX has partnered with Vibes Limited for its recent product launch campaign – MX Japanese Steak House Fried Pork Cutlet.  The brand rolled out a light-hearted video campaign through out-of-home (OOH), digital, social media and in-store.  Maxim MX this time has adopted a humanized approach for its new product launch campaign which is different from the past campaigns.

Themed “Dear Cutlet” (親愛的扒吉列), the online microfilm looks to create consumer empathy towards the target segment by showing an urban love story between a timid shopkeeper and a Japanese-looking girl.

The shopkeeper misunderstands the girl is a Japanese because of her native Japanese speaking as well as her style.  He tries different tactics to approach her but fails.  When she is going to leave, he finds the courage to ask her out for dinner and finally she accepts.  However, it turns out the girl is a Hongkonger and doesn’t know any Japanese. When they are dining in MX, the facade ends, and the shot shifts to the shopkeeper after he tastes the MX Japanese Steak House Fired Pork Cutlet, which reintroduces some of the "magic".

“The genuine Japanese flavor of the dish is dramatised in a whimsical manner,” added Benny Yau, creative director of Vibes, “We have put effort into building a Japanese cinematic atmosphere to appeal to the younger generation on social media. The open ending also paves the way to our social engagement strategy.”

In a Facebook post, which garnered over 1K reactions, 470K views, 780 shares and 750 comments within a week.  Netizens’ reactions were mostly positive, with some expressing excitement over the product and saying they are willing to try the new dish.


Client: Maxim’s Group
Creative Agency: Vibes Limited
Creative Team: Benny Yiu, Keith Liu, J Yip
Account Management Team: Winnie Yuen, Cathy Law, Wing Chan

Film Production: Okla Production Limited

Director: Gear Lau

Producer: Kasey Cheung, Yammi Yam

Photography Company: Samagana Limited

Photographer: BuffaCow