MAS gets into Chrome web store

Malaysia Airlines has launched its third application MHquick, catering to Google Chrome users this time.

The application is made available on the Google Web Store and is another addition to its existing MHmobile and MHbuddy Facebook apps introduced by the airline.

Upon installing the application on their Google Chrome browser users can click on the button near the address bar, to book Malaysia Airlines flights, check their Enrich points, check-in online and get the best deals available without having to leave the website they are browsing.

Amin Khan, executive vice president of commercial strategy for Malaysia Airlines said: "We're delighted with the support we get from the team of social media advocates who are behind the development of this tool and to date, almost 400 Google Chrome users have downloaded this application extension."

"With MHquick, users will now be able to plan their travels easily in one go and and with less hassle as they no longer need to go through the tedium leaving a site or changing several tabs to check their travel arrangements."