Marriott Hotels expands partnership with TED Talks

Marriott Hotels has expanded its partnership with idea engine, TED, to include more innovative programming in its second year.

The partnership included bringing creatively curated TED Talks to guest rooms, special TED Fellows salons at hotels in popular destinations worldwide, plus blog posts and original quotes to guests at various touchpoints in the hotel.

The partnership kicks off with the launch of the first co-branded TED and Marriott Hotels video.

"We saw an immediate, positive impact on our guests' experiences after just the first year into our partnership with TED, but that was just the beginning," said Matthew Carroll, vice president and global brand manager of Marriott Hotels. "Through our partnership with TED, we can continue to evolve the travel experience like never before."

Additionally, fans of TED can now tune in to the TED's Facebook Live interviews at its marquis conference in Vancouver, TED2018: The Age of Amazement, from 10-14 April from the Marriott Hotels social space.

“This year with Marriott, our goal was to further tailor the foundational elements that this program was built on. From Marriott Hotels hosting our Facebook live official set at the main TED conference to changing the way guests best engage with ideas through the in-room talks based on time of the day, we are bringing our ongoing experimentation around formats to our partnership with Marriott Hotels,” said Lisa Choi Owens, chief revenue officer and head of partnerships for TED.

The in-room playlists will be curated by daypart to match guests' moods and mindset throughout the day, with ramp up talks for mornings and topics that invite reflection in the evenings.