Marketing's new webinar series: A checklist for your business survival

So you acted fast, to ensure your business can survive the chaos of COVID-19. And you might be feeling quite confident with the blueprint you’ve drawn up. But the real question is, can these plans really hold up against another unprecedented turbulence in the future? Is your business really resilient to survive a future we have no idea about?

In our years speaking to the industry, we’ve been fortunate enough to interact with some of the brightest minds who have now collectively outlined a check list for you to ensure your brand not just survives, but thrives. To cross check if your plans are in line with our expert strategists’, tune in to our first ever webinar series, with our first-line up of sessions which include:

  •  The new norm: Fast tracking digital transformation in companies
  •  Seal the deal: Learn how to ace and conduct effective virtual pitches
  •  The power of persuasion: Lead your business through the COVID-19 crisis
  •  Doing more with less: Creating impact when your marketing budgets are slashed
  •  Social consciousness: Effective communication without looking opportunistic
  •  Building trust during a crisis: Strike while the iron is hot and communicate now
  •  Post COVID-19: Future-proof your business with recovery marketing strategies

Plug in to high-level content and discussions tailored by a pool of experts without blocking off an entire day, or leaving the office (or home). Elevate your professional growth beyond technical expertise in your job description, all at an amazing value of only USD 59 per session. And if the webinar timing doesn’t work for you, registration would ensure you receive presentation slides and additional resources for further reading (subject to speakers’ approval for distribution) post session.

While the next crisis might not be a pandemic, or a lockdown, what we at the end of the day hope to ensure is that your business plans are ironclad to weather any storm. As we enter a new era of marketing and communication, the series will tackle all your critical questions around what a business for tomorrow will really look like.

In the meantime, stay healthy, stay safe and tune in for more updates! If you'd like to check out our range of topics, head over to