Marketing Excellence Awards judge Timothy Johnson on the ‘breakout ideas’ he hopes to see

Timothy Johnson (pictured), INTI’s senior vice president of marketing, products and partnerships, is no stranger to the marketing industry, having helmed senior positions at renowned brands such as Standard Chartered Bank and Citigroup. He started his career at Nestle and as someone with over 20 years of experience, has witnessed the growth of Malaysia’s marketing industry over time.

As a judge on A+M‘s Marketing Excellence Awards 2019, he leverages the marketing expertise he has amassed to identify campaigns that turn heads and cut through the clutter. He shares with A+M the type of work he is looking out for.

A+M: What do you hope to see in the submissions for Marketing Excellence Awards Malaysia 2019?

Johnson: I am hoping to see breakout ideas that are tapping the newest channels of delivery and showcasing their successes on it.

A+M: What type of work stands out to you as a marketer?

Johnson: Work that stands out are work makes you pause and say, “I wish I did that”.

A+M: What do you look out for when working with agencies?

Johnson: A true partner that respects the brand, one which respect as an agency and what they have to offer.

A+M: What do you feel is the biggest challenge marketers in Malaysia face today?

Johnson: The biggest challenge any brand faces nowadays is balancing between achieving short terms goal at the expense of long term brand survival.

A+M: Where is the standard at for Malaysia’s marketing industry? How else can the industry improve as a whole?

Johnson: The standard is already at a high standard considering the fact that we are marketing to a multi-racial country with it’s variety of nuances.