Marketing and India’s afaqs! partner

Lighthouse Independent Media, owner of the market leading has inked a deal to bring content from India’s most influential content site to its expansive Asia Pacific reader base.

The extensive content sharing agreement gives Lighthouse’s Marketing Magazine Group exclusive rights to publish all  afaqs! content on its sites and in the three Asia Pacific editions of its magazines.

The agreement gives reciprocal rights for Banyan Netfaqs, owners of afaqs! to use all and magazine content on their site and in the magazine The Brand Reporter.

“This is a great leap forward to closing a content gap for the group and it brings us into partnership with India’s most active media vehicle in the category of advertising and marketing,” Lighthouse Independent Media editorial director, Tony Kelly said.

“Afaqs! commitment to continually streaming the best and most accurate news, their approach to online innovation and their strong business acumen in monetising online content were very appealing to us,” Kelly said.

“We have spent a lot of time over the past year working out our approach to the dynamic Indian market, and after watching others stumble trying to enter alone, we are very pleased with the cultural fit and extensive experience of Banyan Netfaqs.”

While the deal is currently for content sharing neither company have ruled out further mutually beneficial projects in partnership with each other in the future.

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