Manulife's MOVE proves to be a good move

Manulife's activity tracking program ManulifeMOVE has proved to be a good move, said the insurance company, as it announced the extension of the programme to Apple watch on Monday.

The programme, launched in 2015, is accessed through mobile apps or online. It uses data from Manulife-provided fitness trackers and encourages members to track their activity progress against set goals, who will be able to enjoy premium discounts on insurance plans by reaching simple goals.

Roy Gori, president and chief executive officer at Manulife Asia, said the programme has helped to attract young customers. "Over 50% of our members are under 45 years old, and about two third of the audience are enjoying our premium discounts," he explained. "We've been blown away by the response since MOVE's launch, and decided to take it to the next level and create an even better customer experience with Apple watch."

He added that the programme serves as a distinctive tool to engage their customers.

While Manulife's rival AIA also provides similar fitness tracking programme AIA Vitality, Gori said Manulife is the first insurance company to have launched an Apple watch app.

"Opening the upgraded MOVE app to the public will extend our social engagement, providing us multiple ways to interact with our increasingly health-conscious community," he said.

The insurance company will now allow MOVE members who choose to own an Apple watch to cover the cost by earning back up to HK$1,500 in bonus premium discounts over two years.

A range of social features, for example following and competing with Facebook friends who use MOVE on Leaderboard, are also introduced in the enhanced programme.