Manulife unveils activity-tracking program ManulifeMOVE

As Hongkongers are growing more health conscious, Manulife Asia has introduced an activity-tracking program ManulifeMOVE, with insurance solutions which aim to reward customers who maintain active lifestyles with discounted premiums.

The program, which can be accessed through mobile apps or online, uses data from Manulife-provided fitness trackers and encourages members to track their activity progress against set goals.

By reaching simple goals, members can enjoy premium discounts tied to recently launched health protection solutions in Hong Kong.

“The beauty of ManulifeMOVE is its simplicity. It’s an easy-to-use program that rewards customers for being healthy and insured,” said Jason Dehni, CMO of Manulife Asia.

“Every time our customers move; whether they’re walking, running, skipping, or even just taking the stairs instead of an escalator, they have the opportunity to save on their annual premiums.”

The concept of ManulifeMOVE and rewarding members through their fitness trackers was drawn directly from the company’s customer research into how younger, tech-savvy consumers want insurance to work for them.

“Hong Kong is a bustling international city, yet most people here aren’t physically active enough and this has obvious health implications,” added Michael Huddart, Manulife’s executive vice president and general manager for Greater China.

“In launching ManulifeMOVE, we want to play a proactive role in being part of the solution, and encourage people to move more and rewarding them for doing so.”

A multi-media campaign for ManulfeMOVE kicks off today to drive public awareness. Developed by Dentsu Hong Kong and PHD Hong Kong, the campaign is supported by local celebrity Pakho Chau (周柏豪), who exemplifies healthy lifestyle.

Heath Wallace, part of JWT’s digital agency Mirum, created the ManulifeMove app for Manulife Hong Kong, which launches in Hong Kong first.