Manulife shows its cheeky side jumping on to the Crazy Rich Asians hype

Manulife is showing off its cheeky personality with its own take on Crazy Rich Asians. In a bid to promote its insurance plans, it has switched the movie title to "Sensibly Rich Asians" in its post as it features a couple against the Singapore skyline.

The post on both Facebook and Instagram also had a caption saying, "You don't have to be crazy. You just need to make the right decisions. We'll make it easy for you." and hash-tagged the movie as well.

The post, which was conceptualised together with creative agency The Secret Little Agency (TSLA), has garnered over 500 likes at the time of writing. Manulife has also replied with GIFs to netizens comments on its Facebook post. Thumbs up from us Manulife!

Meanwhile, several other brands have also jumped onto the hype around the film. According to Digimind data, make-up retailer Sephora launching a giveaway on Facebook that called for customers to spend a minimum of SG$100 to win prizes such as premiere tickets, or a makeover. Budget airline Jetstar promoted flights to Singapore and Malaysia, where the movie was filmed.

Visit Singapore and local media outlets covered the premiere in Los Angeles, which was pushed on social to earn more reach among followers.

Digimind said that by launching campaigns two-weeks before the Singapore premiere on 21 August, these brands were able to leverage hype around Crazy Rich Asians in a strategic and relevant manner. Publicising these offers on social, also helped them stay top of mind with specific groups of consumers; i.e highly engaged audiences ramping up for the movie’s release.

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