ManghamGaxiola, Ogilvy legal battle settled

ManghamGaxiola and Ogilvy have settled their legal dispute with an out of court settlement.

The case has ended with WPP displaying ManghamGaxiola's apology on its website.

Titled: "Unreserved Apology given by Stephen Mangham and Robert Gaxiola", the statement notes that while the terms of settlement are confidential, both individuals accept that Ogilvy had no option but to take legal action against them.

"We accept that our conduct in setting up Mangham Gaxiola over stepped the mark. In particular, we should not have approached Ogilvy clients whilst Stephen was subject to contractual restrictions during garden leave and he should not have placed himself in a position of conflict whilst still an Ogilvy employee. We regret that this litigation was necessary and hope that with this settlement and apology we can put this matter behind us," continues the statement.

When reached by Marketing, Mangham declined to comment further, saying the case was closed and both parties had "moved on."

Both parties have been locked in a bitter legal battle since last year, with both suing each other; Ogilvy suing Mangham for alleged solicitation of clients and Mangham suing Ogilvy for allegedly not paying his pension owed.  At one point,courts ordered Ogilvy to pay Mangham's court costs as well.