Mamee banks on World Cup fever to encourage higher consumption of snacks

Mamee Double-Decker Malaysia's new integrated campaign for the FIFA World Cup aims to showcase its diverse range of snacks to help enhance the football watching experience.

While most Malaysian food brands were banking on Hari Raya for their festive promotions, Mamee Double-Decker and its agency Creative Juice saw an opportunity to go a different direction – that is promoting its easy meals and snacks to the many passionate football fans watching in the late nights and early hours of the morning.

According to senior brand manager Hester Hew, the company saw "lots of potential" in leveraging the World Cup as opposed to Raya this year, with the vision of owning the snack zone and encouraging more consumption during the football season. Hew added that the proposed creative concept from Creative Juice was "spot on" as it encapsulates the brand's identity of fun and quirky, making the World Cup experience even more thrilling for consumers.

“With the live mascots used for the first time in creatives, it definitely helped to bring out respective product attributes even though there are many products involved," she added.

Watch the spots here:

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