Malaysian star Michelle Yeoh and Patrick Dempsey front Porsche's New Year campaign

Porsche has launched its new “What is Courage?” campaign, redefining courage in the New Year. The campaign stars Malaysian actress Michelle Yeoh, internationally ac-claimed chef and restaurateur André Chiang, and actor and race car driver, Patrick Dempsey.

Driven by Porsche with support from creative agency Keko Singapore and PR and Social agency Golin Singapore, the campaign celebrates courage as a defining characteristic for celebrities Michelle Yeoh, André Chiang and Patrick Dempsey, as they attribute the successful turning points in their lives and careers to moments of courage.

The same spirit of courage is reflected in the latest Panamera, as Porsche takes a bold step in reinventing a segment invented seven years ago with the first generation, to create a business saloon for the race circuit that offers relaxed travel in a sports car with 911 genes.

Carl Isenbeck, marketing director of Porsche Asia Pacific said: “Courage is a quality deeply ingrained in Porsche’s ethos. Porsche was born in a moment of courage, when founder Ferry Porsche decided to build his dream car himself. Our courage to change continues today with the new Panamera, which looks to make driving even more intuitive and at the same time more intense."

He added that”What is Courage?” is a campaign specifically tailored for audiences in Asia Pacific.

“The stories of Michelle Yeoh, André Chiang, and Patrick Dempsey, and their moments of courage strongly resonate with Porsche’s ethos, and we hope it will inspire audiences everywhere. We look forward to exploring more opportunities in Asia Pacific and seeing what courageous movements await us in the region,” he added.