Malaysian Football League terminates sponsorship with TM

The Malaysian Football League (MFL) has terminated its sponsorship ties with Telekom Malaysia (TM) after it was alleged that TM did not wish to continue sponsoring the Liga Malaysia.

According to MFL chief DYAM chairman Tunku Ismail Ibni Sultan Ibrahim, CEO Kevin Ramalingam is holding official talks with interested parties on becoming a new sponsor immediately. Tunku Ismail said he is "disappointed" with TM's actions and that it has "always been a good partner" to TM, adding that MFL wants to give TM time to solve the issues it is experiencing.

"In addition, MFL has made many attempts to hold talks with TM but the move has come to a dead end," he said. As such, MFL is unable to wait any longer as it has the responsibility to manage the league.

Both parties signed an eight-year contract last January, with unifi as the title sponsor for Liga Super, Piala Malaysia and co-sponsor for Piala FA until 2025. With the sponsorship, the league became known as “unifi Liga Super Malaysia” and the cup is named “unifi Piala Malaysia”. The contract marked TM's continued support towards local football development and uplifting the standards of sports in the country.

A+M has reached out to TM for comment.

(Photo courtesy: 123RF)