Malaysian brands trendjack #iamnotarobot after vaccine registration woes

Malaysians attempting to register for their AstraZeneca vaccination shots recently ended up visibly frustrated when they had to prove multiple times on the reCAPTCHA page that they were not a robot. Many voiced their frustrations online, with one saying he had to "try many times until mouse on fire" while another posted an image of a damaged laptop with the caption "I think I have an outdated laptop". Minister of Science, Technology, and Innovation, Khairy Jamaluddin, even took to Twitter to apologise for the glitch and multiple refreshes. 

Amidst the visible frustration among Malaysians, brands decided to lighten up the spirits of citizens by jumping on the trend with the hashtag #iamnotarobot.

Which one tickled you the most?

988 Play

ATO Store

Bacon and Balls

Continental Tyre Malaysia

DFS Engineering

Hypergear Malaysia

Mitsubishi Motors

Secret Recipe

Pizza Hut

Pizza Hut took it one step further by turning it into a giveaway contest.

The Alley Malaysia

Tesco Malaysia

TOPGIRL Malaysia

Vanilla Crepe

Wah Motor Superbike

Xiaomi Malaysia

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