Malaysian brands launch CSR efforts to support communities during Ramadan

With Ramadan well underway, Malaysians brands have taken the opportunity to spread positivity and support vulnerable communities during this period of time. Through their respective initiatives, these brands are also rallying Malaysians to come together this festive season and help those in need. 

1. Fave Malaysia

Fave Malaysia has launched a food matching programme under the social campaign “Kasih Ramadan”, encouraging Malaysians to purchase Ramadan meals for vulnerable communities in Malaysia. The programme aims to support 1,000 refugees, needy families and daily wage earners who struggle to access food during the month of Ramadan due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Fave Malaysia users are encouraged to purchase set meals for a family of five or ten from three designated restaurants on the Kasih Ramadan website. The food will be distributed to three organisations - the Al-Hasan Volunteer Network, Pertiwi Soup Kitchen and NGOHub. Users can also share anonymous messages of encouragement or gratitude with each other.

Jake Abdullah, managing director for Fave Malaysia, said it hopes to promote the spirit of solidarity and compassion by supporting the needy in Malaysia and those affected in crisis-stricken areas. “We understand the spirit of the holy month is lost if families are not together and if there is no access to food or earning a living during the lockdown. Hence, we are adapting our F&B and charity programmes to keep people safe and fed while working to identify vulnerable groups of people,” he added.

fave my csr

2. Nestlé Malaysia

Similarly, Nestlé Malaysia's MILO partnered eCommerce site Shopee to launch its #SkuadKebaikan campaign, which rallies Malaysians to give back to communities in need this Ramadan. The #SkuadKebaikan (goodness squad) campaign encourages Malaysians to purchase MILO bundle packs containing MILO powder and other Nestlé products on Shopee. There are four different bundle packs with different price points, and all bundle packs purchased will be donated to seven charity organisations nationwide that serve the needy, including those who are impacted by COVID-19. Additionally, for every purchase of MILO products on Shopee during the campaign period, 10% of the proceeds in the form of Nestlé products will be donated to the same beneficiaries as well.

Maria Murni Nur Azmi, consumer marketing manager, MILO, Nestlé Malaysia, said the campaign is its way of looking out for one another, and it encourages Malaysians to pass the goodness on to people in need. Maria added that the company believes doing good keeps the nation united even though the community is apart during this period of time. “Ramadan is a time to share the spirit of giving. It takes on an even greater significance this year as we are faced with a new reality that is compelling us to keep our distance from one another,” she said.

milo ramadan squadkebaikan

3. U Mobile

U Mobile has collaborated with F&B company Tiffin to spread cheer to Malaysians, by offering meals prepared by three local restaurants during the Ramadan and Raya period. The restaurants are Pinggan Puteh, Embun Eats and Projek Dapur Umar with Hikayat Perci. Called “Tiffin Samplers”, these meals will feature popular Malay dishes like lontong and rendang, but with a modern year 2020 twist. U Mobile will be subsidising RM10 and food delivery costs for each Tiffin Sampler.

U Mobile has also launched #GroovesWithU music streams, which will feature a line-up of shows for Malaysians to stream right through Ramadan to Raya for free. The music streaming campaign is part of its “Unlimited Grooves” initiative, and U Mobile will be working with personalities such as Aina Abdul and Mafidz. There will also be a Raya edition titled “#RayaWithU”, which will feature Malaysian singer Yuna who will perform her renditions of Raya songs with some her friends such as Bil Musa, Pastel Lite and Aizat Amdan.

u mobile music stream

4. AirAsia

Separately, AirAsia has launched a digital donation initiative titled "Give with Ikhlas", which was conducted by IKHLAS to foster the spirit of giving during the month of Ramadan. Through the initiative, over 1,700 Orang Asli (indigenous) families in Jerantut and Temerloh, Pahang received basic necessities aid. Each family received a food basket consisting of rice, sugar, flour, cooking oil, instant noodles, coffee and tea, biscuits and canned food. The project was supported by various government agencies including the Orang Asli Development Department (JAKOA), the Royal Malaysian Police, Malaysia Civil Defence Force, District Local Councils, the Pahang State Executive Council, as well as air transportation courtesy of Charter Group Aero. To date, the "Give with Ikhlas" initiative received over RM759,000 through its public digital online initiative. IKHLAS is a new line of business under AirAsia that mainly caters to Muslim communities around the world by providing unparalleled access to faith-based practices. This includes religious obligations such as Umrah, Qurban and Shariah-compliant lifestyle choices. The platform is scheduled to launch in June 2020. 


5. Shell Malaysia

Shell has launched its latest initiative #RamadanWithShell, which aims to support local and small-time food vendors by allowing them to sell their food products at Shell stations. From now until 23 May, Malaysians will be able to purchase Ramadan local delights such as Nasi Campur, Nasi Beriani, Asam Laksa at 950 Shell stations nationwide for takeaway.

Additionally, 100 Shell stations are collaborating with delivery service foodpanda to deliver selected Ramadan combos to customers’ doorsteps. During the promotion period, Shell will be providing a 30% discount for all Shell SELECT items in Pandamart, with a minimum purchase of RM15. Shairan Huzani Husain, managing director of Shell Malaysia Trading and Shell Timur said it wants to help fellow Malaysians carry on conducting their businesses with this initiative. "We believe in doing things that matter and at the same time we try to make a difference in the lives of those we serve," Shairan said.

shell csr ramadan

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These Malaysians brands are among the latest to launch their CSR efforts this Ramadan. Last week, QSR brands in Malaysia set up a donation initiative through KFC and Pizza Hut Malaysia to raise funds for those in need during these unforeseen times. The initiative calls out to Malaysians to raise funds for the Akaun Amanah Khas (trust account) set up by the Ministry of Health, as well as NGOs; the Malaysian Red Crescent (National Committee for Community Services and Health) and MERCY Malaysia. Separately, FGV Holdings also unveiled a campaign through its flagship brand SAJI to donate the matched value of all purchased products. 

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