Malaysian agency Creative Unicorn apologises for ‘misunderstanding’ to job applicant

Creative Unicorn, a creative digital marketing agency in Malaysia, has apologised for the “misunderstanding” that occurred during an email exchange with one of its job applicants, which has since been circulated online.

The agency came under the netizen spotlight when it warned the applicant of its company culture. This led to the applicant saying he felt “attacked”, and that he has never experienced such a situation. Thereafter, he withdrew his application.

In a Facebook post since the incident, Creative Unicorn sincerely apologised for any misunderstanding that arose from the communication. The agency also explained that it wanted to be transparent about the working conditions within the agency. “We certainly did not want to put the candidate into an uncomfortable situation,” the statement added.

The applicant also said on Facebook that he accepted the apology and that “it takes courage for one to admit the mistake, which is something admirable”. “We hereby confirm and accept the apology, as forgiveness is our gracious gift to everyone,” the post added.

Read the full statement from the agency below:

Among the list of services Creative Unicorn offers include data analytics, web design, UI/UX, campaign streategy, corporate rebranding, social media and copywriting.

According to screenshots of the email exchange circulating online, a representative from the agency said it looks towards “candidates who can put aside religious limitations and have an open mind to new open working culture”.

“If you think you are the sort of candidates we are looking for then let us know to proceed with the next steps,” the email response making rounds online said.

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