Malaysian actress Sora Ma fronts filtration ad, gets filtered out

Hydroflux, a Singapore company that designs and distributes filtration systems for household, commercial and industrial use, launched a music video to educate consumers about the importance of drinking clean and healthy water.

Featuring Singapore-based Malaysian actress, Sora Ma, the video sees Ma singing about the benefits of Hydroflux’s water filtration system, such as having a safety lock, its slim design and high-tech filtration.

“I guarantee everything is cleansed for my family, I am so lucky. I wanna throw everything that may bring harm to my family,” she sang.  “I care about our home and care about our future. I care about the food, I’m the queen of the kitchen,” Ma added.

The video had 296 reactions, 333 comments and 536 shares on Facebook at the time of writing, with many netizens mocking the video and calling it cringeworthy. Some said the “distasteful” song will have a negative impact on the brand image, while others commented that the video is gaining traction for the wrong reasons.

In a statement to A+M, Hydroflux’s spokesperson said “catchy and easy to understand” phrases were used in the video to engage consumers. The spokesperson added:

Any negative, positive or mixed reviews are good publicity for Hydroflux.

The spokesperson added that Ma was chosen as its brand ambassador because it hopes to penetrate and target consumers in the Malaysia market.

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