Malaysia 4As looks to urgently reinvigorate the ad industry

The Association of Accredited Advertising Agents (4As) has partnered with the UK-based Institute of Practitioners in Advertising (IPA) to introduce the IPA Foundation Certificate in Malaysia.

The areas covered in the IPA Foundation Certificate include advertising and communications in context, understanding the client’s business, strategic planner’s toolkit, understanding media channels and media planning, creativity and creative development.

According to a press statement from 4A’s this is in a way to set a common standard to measure performance for young talents to the advertising industry with less than three years experience.

Dato’ Johnny Mun, 4As president said there is now an urgent need to reinvigorate the ad industry by providing the support system, training and counsel to young talents. Mun feels that from a professional standpoint, this programme will help clients and their agencies to work more efficiently, produce better results, and grow business profits.

Mun adds that the 4As aims to set a yardstick in best practice learning through the introduction of the IPA Foundation Certificate.

“We’re confident this programme, customised for the marketing communications industry, will raise the professional standards of our industry and set a pathway for young talents to advance to higher levels,” notes Mun.

Participants for the IPA Foundation Certificate must complete 35 hours of online learning within three months, culminating in a two-hour offline exam supervised by the 4As. A certificate of completion is awarded to all participants who successfully pass the exam.

The introduction of the IPA Foundation Certificate is aligned to the 4As’ five pillars in promoting the value of advertising agencies with clients, the industry, and the government.

The five pillars outlined by the 4As are to provide industry guidance and leadership, raise standards and professionalism, foster continuous professional development for the attraction and retention of agency talent, promote commercial creativity and its effectiveness, and work as the government’s principal source of information and advice on advertising.