Malaysiakini launches business news site

Malaysia - Malaysiakini has diversified its online offering with the launch of business-focused news site, Kinibiz.

The site is a joint venture with publisher and founding editor P. Gunasegaram, who has 30 experience with in The StarThe Edge and Malaysian Business.

The site covers news on business and the economy, targeted to senior business executives.

Premesh Chandran, CEO and co-founder of Malaysiakini, said there is a niche target of readers who want independent and impartial business news.

"We aim to be number one in the PMEB and advertising space, looking for advertisers trying to reach out to this target as well," he adds.

In its first week, Kinibiz recorded over 200,000 page views.

"Malaysiakini is already huge with more than one million page views a day, as it covers general news. Kinibiz is more niche, with about 20,000 unique visitors a day already compared to Malaysiakini's 400,000 unique visitors a day."

Plans for a mobile site are also underway.