Authorities crack down on Ultraman comic book

Malaysia has put a stop to the translation of an Ultraman comic book. The move comes after the Japanese comic book referred to the robot superhero as "Allah” said authorities.The ban is enforced under the Printing Presses and Publications Act.

However this is for one single edition and other Ultraman comics are unaffected. 

Reported on global and media, the Malaysian home ministry, which handles both domestic security and censorship, said the Malay edition of "Ultraman, The Ultra Power" has elements that could potentially undermine Islamic morals.

In a statement to AFP, the authorities said, that because Ultraman is loved and “idolised by many children”, equating him to Allah might “confuse Muslim youth”. It also added that use of the word can evoke strong emotions for Muslims and hence threaten national security amongst the public.

Moreover, an article on The Rakyat Post said the the ministry issued a statement which read: It is an offence under subsection 2 of Section 8 of the act, for any party to print, import, produce and reproduce, publish, sell, produce, circulate, offer for sale, distribute or be in possession for any intention, of the banned publication.”

Ultraman is a fictional Japanese superhero and first appeared on television in the 1960s. The comic was highly popular in both Singapore and Malaysia. In Malaysia, the versions were dubbed in Malay and screened on TV.