Malaysia Airlines promotes the feeling of coming home with Hari Raya video

Malaysia Airlines has released a festive video on its official social media channels, capturing the joy of Hari Raya Aidilfitri which is the feeling of “balik kampong” (going back to one’s hometown).

The two minute and 40 second video titled “Sama-Sama Balik Raya” highlights that despite the similar experiences of seeing the same people, visiting the same places, and eating the same food, people always return home from miles away during the Hari Raya period because of the Malaysian hospitality.

Featuring various heart-warming stories of family reunion, the video posed the question “why do we go through all the trouble of travelling thousands of miles home?” It then reveals the answer: “because these are things we long for, and these traditions of hospitality will always beckon us to come home”.

The video has garnered over 1,877,946 views since its release two days ago.

In addition, Malaysia Airlines is running a social media contest “#MHFundMyBalikKampung” on Instagram from now until 29 May 2019 to unite families for Hari Raya Aidilfitri. The contest sees participants posting photos on their Instagram account citing the reason why they are unable to go home in the caption. The airline will provide return air tickets home to the winner with the most unique caption and the most votes.

“As a first taste of Malaysian Hospitality for travellers, we are always looking for ways to ensure that our guests get the feeling of being home even before they arrive which is perfectly captured in our festive video,” said Izham Ismail, group chief executive officer of Malaysia Airlines.

“As an airline, we take pride in being a part of our guests’ balik kampung journey and to us nothing is more rewarding than to ensure they arrive home safely and be reunited with their families and loved ones during the festive season,” he added.

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