MAHB uses CSR efforts to position itself as a 'catalyst' in nation's development

Malaysia Airports Holdings (MAHB) recently unveiled a video focusing on its CSR campaign comprising two parts - its short take off and landing airport (STOLport) stories and the multi-pronged approach of its CSR campaign. Done in collaboration with The Clan, the STOLport stories show how MAHB goes deep into the remotest corners of Malaysia to keep citizens truly connected.

The video, which will run on TV and online, contains imagery of the landscapes in Malaysia, highlighting the beauty of these far flung locations and how MAHB is able to play a part in bringing dreams to life in every corner of Malaysia.


In a statement to A+M, MAHB's spokesperson said the basis of the CSR efforts is to help build partnerships with the communities where it operates. It aims to help the public recognise MAHB and its airports as an important catalyst in supporting the country's development agenda, which also brings about positive development and growth to the surrounding communities.

"Our CSR efforts are embedded within our brand DNA, with the promise of being business driven and responsible. To us, it's not only about the bottom line. The positive and sustainable change we can impact through our CSR efforts is also important," the spokesperson said.

According to the spokesperson, MAHB believes that CSR programmes should become part and parcel of its business operations and strategies. In fact, it is crucial to have CSR embedded in the company's culture and strategic planning process right from the beginning.

She explained that its CSR efforts are a subset of its corporate sustainability framework and is embedded within the community-friendly organisation strategy. The community-friendly organisation strategy covers is structured into three main pillars - Malaysia branding, community enrichment and education and youth leadership. It covers employees, community, environment and ethical business practices.

For Malaysia branding in particular, MAHB constantly works to bring the culture of Malaysia to its airports, in a bid to promote and preserve local traditional arts and culture to local international audiences. As for employee enrichment, it gives back to the society through elevating community livelihood, micro industry development, environmental initiatives as well as involving employees in volunteer activites.

"We strongly believe in employee volunteerism. We believe that the hallmark of an effective CSR programme is also one that has the buy-in and support of the employees, where employees are proud of the positive impact the company is creating," the spokesperson added.

To balance between ROI and CSR efforts, the spokesperson said it is important to have a CSR framework in place to ensure the company continues to remain focused on the bigger picture and understand the commitment required, be it money, time or resources.

"This is done because it is important that our framework is aligned to our business strategy, able to generate positive impact and is sustainable. In the long run, this will deliver better financial and business value," she added.

In addition to the CSR efforts, MAHB also recently launched its "Happy Guests, Caring Hosts" service culture transformation programme in line with its mission to create joyful experiences. The spokesperson said that as an airport operator, MAHB understands the importance of humanising the brand and realised that the human element forms a big part of what service excellence is all about. Other initiatives in its service culture transformation programme include training employees so that they can internalise the transformation programme.

For the first quarter of its 2019 financial year ended 31 March, MAHB posted a revenue increase of 3.0% to RM1,252.3 million on the back of increased overall passenger growth of 3.7%. Overall, Malaysia operations recorded revenue of RM931.7 million with growth of 2.6%. Meanwhile, it also picked Ova to manage its brand refresh initiative which also covers Kuala Lumpur International Airport, following a pitch held earlier this year.