Magnum and Benefit blend desserts with makeup at Shanghai pop-up

Magnum and Benefit joined hands to launch a pop-up beauty Store in Shanghai, combining ice-cream tasting and makeup experiences in one customer journey.

The beauty store was located at the Réel Mall in Shanghai from 24 May to 9 June. The theme of the pop-up was “Release Your Beast” and, according to Magnum, encouraged guests to discover and free their inner beasts to fully indulge in Magnum’s premium ice-cream. The pop-up store amassed around 25,000 attendance during the campaign period.

The pop-up experience was created by global brand experience agency Jack Morton. Magnum’s four beasts – a lion, polar bear, leopard, and tiger – engaged guests through an interactive LED wall using augmented reality and a photo booth. The interactive wall immersed guests in a 3D environment in which they interacted with the beasts, while the photo booth allowed guests to take a photo with the beast of their choice. The photos were then downloadable for social media sharing.  

In addition, giant customised ice-cream installations and life-sized Benefit eyebrow pens were set up at the store.

The pop-up store consisted of seven zones, each designed to highlight Magnum’s premium combination of ice-cream and chocolate. The pop-up also aimed to celebrate the recent launch of the brand’s new double raspberry flavour.

Guests were able to participate in a series of activities, such as personalising their own Magnum ice-cream with 16 different toppings and savouring specially-crafted Magnum desserts by chef Brian Tan. While at the Benefit Beauty Bar, guests could test Benefit’s latest products with the assistance of professional make-up artists.

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