lululemon aims to redefine masculinity with global campaign

lululemon has launched its first-ever global men's campaign titled "Strength to Be". The campaign aims to celebrate the growing community of men living life as their true selves, representing their own definitions of masculinity and strength in positive ways.

"Strength to Be" runs online, social media and in-stores through 31 October and features five short films created by Virtue, a full-service creative agency by VICE Media in the US. Production company Cadence Films and post-production company Modern Post were also involved in the campaign. The films feature individuals such as non-violence and social justice speaker Ibn Ali Miller, professional big wave surfer Mark Healey and professional boxer Orlando Cruz.

The latest campaign was built off of the success of "This is Yoga", a campaign which lululemon launched earlier this year to honour yoga in all its forms.

View the campaign videos here:

Campaign credits:

Executive creative director: Cameron Farrelly
Creative director: Noah Rabinowitz
Strategy director: Stacey Kawahata
Head of design: Heather Pieske
Account director: Kim Young
Senior account manager: Katie Greichen
Founder, Virtue, CSO, VICE: Spencer Baim
Copy writer: Eugene Fuller
Senior designer: Jessica Saesue
Head of production: Emma Starzacher
Executive producer: Cori Boudin
Senior talent program manager: Laura Begley
Program director: Theresa Ganchorre
Senior creative: Nina Mourin
Head of client services: Jemma Downey
Head of program management: Kaki Stergiou
Chief operating officer: Ryan Mack

Production Company: Cadence Films

Director: Francesco Calabrese
Managing partner/executive producer: Lorenzo Ragionieri
Head of production: Jack Hogan

Editorial/Post: Modern Post

Executive producer: Charlyn Derrick
Senior producer: Jennifer Hargreaves
Editors: William Town + Conor McBride
Assistant editor: Graham Patterson

Color Artist: Jaime O’Bradovich, Company 3

Sound Engineer: Fernando Ascani, Sonic Union