LTA brings back the Thoughtful Bunch

Remember the “Thoughtful Bunch”?

Well LTA is bringing them back in 3D with the help of creative agency Dentsu Singapore and media agency. The campaign will be running OOH on Mediacorp OOH Media’s 3D flagship and 6-sheet gutted panels.

This year’s campaign aims to thank commuters for being thoughtful, while continuing to champion “thoughtfulness” among the rest of the commuters.  To urge top-of-mind recall among true “Gracious Believers”, LTA collaborated with Mediacorp OOH Media this year to bring out the “Thoughtful Bunch” via a 3D flagship at The Heeren over a period of five- weeks, from 8 September.

Located in the heart of the city, the 3D Flagship showcases the vibrant characters of the “Thoughtful Bunch”: Move-in Martin, Give-way Glenda, Stand-up Stacey, Bag-down Benny and Hush-hush Hannah on the top of the bus shelter, with campaign’s main message reiterated in the center and sides of the structure.

This is the first time the characters are greeting the commuters in larger than life 3D format.

Additionally, three several OOH panels installed at Ang Mo Kio MRT Station, United Square and Tiong Bahru Road over a period of 4 weeks, starting from 22 September for the campaign’s #ThoughtfulSnaps Instagram Contest.

Enhancing audience engagement and interactivity, the middle of the three 6-sheet gutted panel is a see through character cutout, with the Thoughtful Bunch featured by the sides. When members of the public stand at the designated spot, it will seem as if they are featured in the poster together with the Thoughtful Bunch.

Henry Goh, Head of OOH Media said, “The larger than life 3D structures on bus shelters increases the visibility and impact of advertisements, making it easier for the intended campaign message be conveyed to and resonate with commuters. This is how OOH Media’s 3D Flagship help clients connect with their target audience along high traffic roads.”