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Lowe Philippines is Bank of the Philippine Islands’ AOR

Following a six-way pitch last December, Lowe Philippines was appointed to lead the marketing efforts of the Bank of the Philippine Islands’ (BPI) retail business.

Effective immediately, Lowe said that work on BPI’s national, full-service, advertising and communications have already started. The agency is managing one of BPI’s chief revenue streams, which contributing at least 40% of the bank’s business.

“Lowe ticked all the boxes of our pitch criteria, most significantly in the areas of strategic insight and creative execution. We believe that the campaign leveraged on BPI’s experience and expertise of 164 years, captured BPI’s advocacy of financial wellness and heightened the strengths of BPI’s various products and services,”says Marie Josephine M. Ocampo, Senior Vice-President & Chief Marketing Officer, for BPI.

Leigh Reyes, President and CCO, Lowe Philippines, was all praises with the win, saying that “the best pitches are personal” and deeply committed to the client brief.

“The pitch team experienced many eureka moments, not only about the brand BPI and its products and services, but also about our own lives and finances. I think the BPI team couldn’t help but see the genuine passion and enthusiasm we brought to the table. We’re delighted to be BPI’s new advertising partner and are committed to the hard work it takes to build a great partnership.”

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