Lotame connects digital audience data to broadcast TV

Lotame, an independent data management and exchange platform, launched the first-to-market TV DMP, connecting digital audience data to local broadcast television.

The launch follows prototype testing with Pearl TV, a business organisation of companies that own and operate more than 200 local broadcast TV stations nationwide. TV DMP connects first-party data to televisions, for behaviorally targeted ads on TV.

With Lotame's TV DMP, local stations identifies what the prospective advertisers' key audiences are watching. It also brings data-driven insights to the ads' measurement. After the television ad has run, it provides performance against the target audience so advertisers have more information about household viewing.

With the full profile and cross-device access to a target audience, TV DMP enables television stations to offer multiple device campaign solutions to their advertisers, an important capability made possible by the new ATSC 3.0 broadcast standard. With ATSC 3.0, TV transmission itself will be IP-based in the same "language" as the Internet.

Mobile device viewing will also be a key part of the package. With TV DMP, a local broadcaster can offer advertisers the ability to extend a television ad campaign to today's desktop computers and mobile devices with ease for better brand awareness and engagement.

"Television ads are a powerful brand medium, but local broadcast stations have not been able to reach their advertisers' specific target audiences with the same ease as their digital competitors," said Lotame founder & CEO, Andy Monfried.

"The future for TV broadcasters means the ability to make decisions with clients with more information. We expect advertising to be more addressable and interactive based on viewing audience data," said Anne Schelle, managing director of Pearl TV.