L’Oréal Paris showcases Malaysia’s women of worth

L’Oréal Paris has teamed up with its digital agency, Lion & Lion to promote real­time social content and videos for its annual Women Of Worth (WOW) Campaign.

A global campaign localised for the Malaysian market, it features six inspiring female thought leaders’ journey to the top.

The objective behind the annual campaign is to empower women of today by highlighting the journey behind successful every day women who have built their career and have stood strong at the top of their respective career field.

“With so many inspiring women out there, it was not an easy task to select six of the best. The candidates for this year’s WOW Campaign consist of strong, independent, and hard working women, such as Emily Quak, Thanuja Ananthan, Hanis Arif, Daiyan Trisha, Nur Aqilah, and Sherlyn Tan”, said Daniel Lim, head of marketing for L’Oréal Paris.

Watch the campaign here:


Emily Quak left her stable career at a legal firm to pursue her makeup inspiration, which started at a very young age. She believes that a woman of worth is not only someone who inspires people to reach for their dreams, but most importantly help them to achieve those dreams.

Thanuja Ananthan, the former Miss World Malaysia, fights for animal rights. Although her life as a celebrity keeps her on toes at all times, she ensures that she makes time to carry out her duty as the ambassador of PETA. Competing in a beauty pageant has turned her into a much stronger and more diligent individual. As an activist, Thanuja believes that Women of Worth are compassionate, strong, and dignified individuals, and are not afraid to pursue their passion no matter what stands in their way.

A full time marketing student and a part time fashion designer, as well as an event stylist keeps Nur Aqilah busy throughout the day. Most weekends, she organises events for her clients. For her, if she does not pursue her dreams now, she would never do it. A woman of worth to her is an individual who waits for nobody and nothing to obtain what she deserves.

"Women of Worth celebrates women and all that makes them exceptional. The campaign honours the journey every woman must take in order to ignite change, and empower others in life. With this campaign, we hope that everyday Malaysians will be moved by the inspiring stories shared by 6 different influencers, all coming from different backgrounds, who have taken a unique path, filled with trials and tribulations. These women share positive messages of hope and achievement and how their own #WOWjourney has made them the strong women they are today”, says Jenifer Ooi, Creative Director of Lion & Lion.

Currently, Women of Worth Campaign is running a social contest. It calls for its fans to share their WOW journey on L’oréal Paris’s Facebook page and post an image of their journey on their Instagram account. The post need to be accompanied with its hashtag; #WOWJourney