LOOK Wouldn’t you want a fan like this?

For an entire year, this woman from Seattle ate only food from Starbucks. Beautiful Existence (her real name) documented the year she ate only Starbucks food on her very own blog.

She even wrote a post titled "Top 5 Ways to Live Healthy at Starbucks" and donned a mermaid outfit as a nod to the brand's logo for Halloween. Existence also told Buzzfeed that she was not paid to complete the challenge and that she spent $500-$600 a month on the challenge.

According to CNBC, the challenge was the latest in Existence's yearly pacts centered around brands. Previously, she had shopped exclusively at Goodwill and tested out advice from Parents Magazine. This year, she's planning to learn more about outdoor equipment retailer REI by trying more than 80 recreational sports.

In a phone interview with CNBC, Linda Mills, a spokeswoman at Starbucks said that the company did stay in contact with her about new items throughout the year.

"We applaud her efforts and encouraged along the way, but no money was ever exchanged," Mills said.

Check out this video documenting her diet: