LOOK Who’s quick to jump on Facebook reactions

Over the past couple of days the social media world has been abuzz with the new Facebook Reactions.

Embracing the new feature is Changi Airport which created a Facebook Reaction Post which looked like this:

We too believe in instant feedback.

Posted by Changi Airport on Friday, February 26, 2016


According to a statement given by CAG, the post garnered over 3,000 reactions in less than 24 hours organically without media buy. A quick check by Marketing also showed that majority of the response on the new feature was largely positive.

Ivan Tan, corporate & marketing communications, SVP at CAG said:

“We welcome the new Facebook Reactions.  We now have a better sense of how our fans are reacting to our posts beyond the simple “Like”.  This is just like how we practise instant feedback at Changi Airport.”

He added that in the airport terminals, there are many touch screens, including in the washrooms which enable our passengers to tell CAG how it is doing.  All they need to do is to tap on the relevant emoticon.

“We look forward to receiving more nuanced feedback from our fans on Facebook so that we can do better with the content we share.”

Changi most recently appointed social media agency Goodstuph for a period of two years. Goodstuph provides strategic counsel regarding social media marketing that covers three main social media platforms, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, for Changi Airport.

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