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LOOK What the Internet thinks Airbnb’s new logo looks like

Airbnb, a travel rentals website, has premiered a new logo in an upside down heart on Wednesday (pictured). But what initially was meant to be “a symbol of belonging” has been cruelly associated with “vagina” and “butt” across the internet.

The website has created a video explaining the meaning behind the logo, which even has a name (Bélo):

“It’s a symbol for people who want to try a new tea they’ve never heard of from a village they couldn’t find on the map. It’s a symbol for going where the locals go—the cafe that doesn’t bother with a menu, the dance club hidden down a long alleyway, the art galleries that don’t show up in the guidebooks. It’s a symbol for people who want to welcome into their home new experiences, new cultures, and new conversations,” Airbnb founders Brian Chesky wrote on a blog post.

This illustration on an EDM blasted from the company best explains the concept:


The symbol has now become the heart of the accommodation rental site, as the launch project comes with a crowd-sourcing campaign on its website calling for logo creative from internet users. Participants are encouraged to tell a story behind the logo, which can be embedded on souvenir items such as mugs, thank you cards or stickers.

But it looks like the internet has its own take on it.

Here’s what people are saying on Twitter:

Some even associate it with a “weird butt”.  (“We prefer well-rounded”, is how Airbnb replied.)

The most common association to the new logo, however, is that is looks like a vagina:

The company has remained silent regarding all the comments on social media, instead, choosing to put considerable effort on keeping the logo as lively and entertaining as possible, constantly crowd-sourcing for more ideas on its Twitter account:

Airbnb could not be reached for comments at the time of publishing.

Photo courtesy to Airbnb

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