LOOK Who will be most unproductive after Singapore Grand Prix

Marketers, this might be the perfect article for you to show your bosses when you’re hung over from the F1 parties next week.

According to recruitment firm font, the event is so popular amongst marketers that employers had better be prepared for a slight productivity dip following the F1 weekend. The study states that while only 8.5% of marketers say they plan on taking a sick day on Monday to recover, 15% expect their productivity in the office to be affected.

“According to every single one of our respondents, a little flexibility would go a long way as 100% of marketers would appreciate a late start on Monday. Of those who expect their concentration at work to be affected, 50% said it's because they'll likely be hungover,” Jacqui Barratt, director at font said.

But fret not bosses, as prior to the event itself, marketers will be hard at work especially when it comes to their social media strategies.

Social media remains the preferred marketing medium for the Formula 1 Singapore Grand Prix and 50% of local marketers agree the globally-significant event is the most important experience brands should be tapping into each year. As the industry shifts towards a more integrated approach to marketing, local professionals are keen to devote more effort in digital platforms, such as social media, with 69% seeing this avenue as the most important.

In comparison, 48% see print and online news media as their preferred marketing channel for F1, with broadcast media and online advertising tailing closely behind at 47% and 45% respectively. Singapore marketers testified to the effectiveness of leveraging the Singapore Grand Prix for consumer outreach, as 70% believe brands tapping into the event are making worthwhile investments.F1 Infographic

Online chatter around brands

When it comes to conversations around brands this past two weeks, according to data from Meltwater, these are the leading brands. The study also said that 64% of the conversation came from men.

  1. Ferrari
  2. Singapore Grand Prix
  3. Honda
  4. Redbull
  5. Ford

"Social media coming out on top for F1 marketing is not a surprise, but it continues to remind us that marketers can't afford to miss out on reaching consumers in the digital space for engagement on the back of this event," Barratt said.

Brand recall

When it comes to brand recall associated with F1, second-time title sponsors Singapore Airlines takes first place at 28%, a leap from last year’s 19%. This is followed by other iconic brands that shared a place among the marketers’ minds last year - Ferrari at 23%, and former title sponsor Singtel at 14%.

"Despite not being a title sponsor for two years, Singtel’s lingering presence in marketers’ minds demonstrates the effectiveness of these strategic partnerships for generating leads and connecting with consumers long-term," said Barratt.

(Photo courtesy: Shutterstock)