LOOK A Tinder-like app just for marketers

Marketers, is the romance gone with your current agency? Looking for a passionate short term exchange with a new one? Or just looking to get a feel for what's out there?

Well, here’s an app just for you. It’s like Tinder for marketers, says the app's makers. The app called Pitcher is available on both iOS and Android and is meant for clients who are looking to connect with new agencies and find out what is happening out there.

Swipe left to dismiss, swipe right to select! (Don’t deny it. We know you know the drill!)

“With Pitcher, you have dozens of great agencies directly under your thumb. Within seconds your pitch is set up and you're swiping away […] Easy and intuitive, the app offers a concise view of each agency with some of their latest work. A little appetizer, just enough to get a feel for their approach,” said Woedend , the makers of the app.

The app also lets marketers create a shortlist of up to five agencies, with options to call directly or send an e-mail to announce that the brief is coming up. The app lets you choose what you are looking for by dictating the type of campaign pitch fee and other aspects you are looking for. This will then let you swipe through ad agencies in the country. Each ad agency also has the option to write a short profile.

Creative director Merien Kunst from Woedend also told Amsterdam Ad blog: “The current pitch culture is not sustainable. Brands are increasingly flirty and agencies need to invest more time and money in smaller projects and shorter relationships. It does not improve the quality of campaigns and ultimately no one benefits. However, instead of fighting it, we like to embrace it. We believe that this free app really adds value for marketeers.”

Want this on local shores, anyone?