LOOK What Tiger Beer was up to this National Day weekend

In the run up to Singapore’s 49th birthday, Tiger Beer has actively been encouraging Singaporeans to up their game and unleash their pride.The brand itself shed its iconic blue livery to turn a patriotic red and white.

Going back to the basics of how Singaporeans have come to adore the quirks and nuances of this uniquely Singaporean culture, Tiger Beer also collaborated with YouTube stars Tree Potatoes to produce a video titled “You Know You’re Singaporean When...”.


Meanwhile, over the weekend Tiger Beer held two activations in the run up to National Day.

The brand asked Singaporeans to dye their hair red and white and to get locally-inspired permanent tattoos to unleash their pride. Yup, you read it right - permanent.

Check out the results:

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“Singapore is the birthplace of Tiger Beer, and since 1932, the brand has grown to become an intrinsic part of the Singapore identity. What better way then, to wear our pride on our cans and display where our roots truly are! This National Day, we would love to paint the town red and white with our fans and consumers, and encourage them to join the ‘seven acts in seven days’ movement to showcase their appreciation for the country in their own creative ways," said Rene de Monchy, head of marketing, Asia Pacific Breweries Singapore.