LOOK Swarovski's unexpected ad move on Craigslist

Austrian luxury crystal jeweler Swarovski has taken an unconventional route to promote its latest jewellery collection.

Its ad agency Red Tettemer O'Connell + Partners recently put up a few ads on personal ad site Craigslist's "Missed Connections" last week. According to AdWeek, the ads were posted in the New York, Philadelphia and Chicago sections, although upon checking, the listings are no longer available on the classified advertisements site.

In one New York ad simply titled 'Black t-shirt ordering latte at La Calombe', it said:

"You know what we heart about you? Instead of working you’re reading missed connections – love it. While we weren’t exactly at La Combe, we bet you looked super cute. We also think you’d look pretty amazing in a little something sparkly. Maybe like a Swarovski Stardust Bracelet? Yeah we think that’s the one. And we may just have one for you. And we may really want you to have it. Let’s make this happen."

In another titled 'East Village Milk Bar Blonde with Bday Truffles' that was posted in the Philadelphia section, it read:

"Who can resist a girl that’s got the confidence to scope the Missed Connections? Not us. In all realness, we bet you were looking fab. We also bet you like your sparkle with a little edge. Right? Maybe something like the new Swarovski Stardust Bracelet? Maybe we have one just waiting for you. Just maybe it’s on us. Let’s connect."

Disguised as an anonymous individual seeking to connect with a beautiful woman he has presumably encountered in passing, the ads all converge on promoting the Swarovski Stardust Bracelet, which is part of the latest Stardust collection launched just this October.

On why the luxury brand has chosen to go uncharacteristically low-key this time round, Steve Red, CCO, Red Tettemer O'Connell + Partners, reportedly explained to Business Insider that it was "designed to help dispel the notion that Swarovski is only for red carpet moments and special occasions".

He continued by saying that he hoped that the ads will "pleasantly surprise some curiously intrigued women on Missed Connections, and that they’ll sparkle a little bit more the next time they catch someone’s eye.”

Check out the ads below. [Credits to Business Insider]

Craigslist Ad 2 Craigslist Ad 1

Written by Prasanthi Ram