LOOK #StopNurseryCrimes portrays the scary realities of paedophilia

Non-profit organisation Protect and Save the Children (PSC) and Naga DDB have launched their new project called “Nursery Crimes” to create an awareness of paedophiles in Malaysia, which is a taboo subject for many.

The campaign was first mentioned in an exclusive interview between Alvin Teoh, executive creative director of Naga DDB and A+M.

It was launched on 21 July and centres around three films in three different languages to educate the Malaysian public on paedophilia. The videos also come in 360-versions to immerse the viewer in the child’s point of view.

The campaign took nearly two years to complete and each film directs the viewer to a microsite where crucial information is available. It was also based on Teoh’s personal experience two years ago which saw his nine-year old daughter barely escaping from a molestation attempt in her school.

Although the spots are unsettling, they are impactful and captivating. One of the first stories features a young girl getting ready for bed. Her guardian then enters the room and sings a nursery rhyme "Suriram" to her, while she is smiling to the song, he starts to unbutton her pajamas. The screen blacks out to a message saying "Children can't tell the difference between love and sexual abuse".

It's 360 version is as or even more insidious, as it is told through the eyes of the young girl.

The next spot features a young boy getting out of the shower and settling down to play a game. His guardian starts nagging at him but then settles down to start drying his dripping wet hair. The towel and eventually his hands begins to go south as the young boy expresses some discomfort.

Lastly, "Itsy-Bitsy Fingers" features a little girl in uniform waiting for her parents to pick her up from school. Her teacher is seen waiting with her, but starts to play tickle with the young girl and touching her knees. It is implied that the dark experience continues.