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Riding on last year’s “Unlimited Fun” campaign for a few of the water-resistant phones under its Xperia line, Sony tugs heart strings for its latest branding campaign, “Water is My Friend”.

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The centrepiece is a three-minute online animation (which has a cut down version for TV) that follows a water droplet’s journey to find friends on Earth.

After ruining every mobile phone that it encounters, the despondent raindrop runs into the Xperia and a new 'friendship' blossoms. The two subsequent 30-second episodes, which launch this week, illustrate Sony and the droplet’s new-found relationship.

Aside from the 180-degree change in tone – previous Sony commercials have always pushed trendy and stylish cues – the new animation is also the first non-product oriented campaign Sony has done in a long time.

And it’s a strategy that has proven to work: only two weeks since its debut, the first episode, including all cuts, has garnered close to 700K total views.

Sony Hong Kong and Macau head of marketing Joyce Tang, said the campaign's aim is to make water resistance a top-of-mind consideration for mobile and tablet users.

“Through the droplet’s journey, we want our fans to see what problems they’ll face if they don’t have a water resistant phone,” she said, adding the unprecedented “cuteness” and use of animation reflect the vibrant colours of the products.

“It’s definitely a bolder approach to what we’ve been doing: it’s more colourful; it has music; and it brings a very positive and light-hearted message... we don’t want to just talk about one phone: we now have an entire series that offers something only Sony can offer so far. And this is what we want to tell people.”

The campaign also includes Facebook posts like weather updates and comics that show off the phone’s water-resistant qualities; a mini comic book on Sony Mobile and the droplet’s friendship, which will be distributed on the streets; Line Stickers of the cartoon characters; gifts with purchase; and roadshows that feature swimsuit models showering with the products.

“We want this campaign to be more mass-oriented because the entire series really targets everyone. Before, the mindset for water resistance is not a must-have; but now, we want people to be fully aware of it because it’s important,” Tang said.

Sony Mobile's agency for the campaign was independent outfit Turn Creative.

View the animations here:
Episode 1, 2, 3.

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